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Related-Party Transactions

Related-Party Transactions
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2023
Related Party Transactions [Abstract]  
Related-Party Transactions Related-Party Transactions
Founder Shares

As of the closing of the Business Combination, the Sponsor owned 18,750,000 shares of Class B common stock the ("Founder Shares") which automatically converted into 18,750,000 shares of Class A common stock at the closing of the Business Combination. The Founder Shares, are subject to certain vesting and forfeiture conditions and transfer
restrictions, including performance vesting conditions under which the price per share of Mirion's Class A common stock must meet or exceed certain established thresholds of $12, $14, or $16 per share for 20 out of 30 trading days before the fifth anniversary of the Closing Date of the Business Combination). The Founder Shares will be forfeited to the Company for no consideration if they fail to vest before October 20, 2026.

Private Placement Warrants

The Sponsor purchased an aggregate of 8,500,000 private placement warrants (the "Private Placement Warrants") at a price of $2.00 per whole warrant ($17.0 million in the aggregate) in a private placement (the “Private Placement”) that closed concurrently with the closing of GSAH's initial public offering (the "IPO"). Each Private Placement Warrant is exercisable for one whole share of Class A common stock at a price of $11.50 per share, subject to adjustment in certain circumstances, including upon the occurrence of certain reorganization events. The Private Placement Warrants are non-redeemable and exercisable on a cashless basis so long as they are held by the Sponsor or its permitted transferees.

The Private Placement Warrants are accounted for as liabilities as they contain terms and features that do not qualify for equity classification under ASC 815. See Note 17, Fair Value Measurements, for the fair value of the Private Placement Warrants at March 31, 2023.

Profits Interests

In connection with the Business Combination Agreement, the Sponsor issued 8,100,000 Profits Interests to certain individuals affiliated with or expected to be affiliated with Mirion after the Business Combination. The holders of the Profits Interests will have an indirect interest in the Founder Shares held by the Sponsor. The Profits Interests are subject to service and performance vesting conditions, including the occurrence of the Closing, and do not fully vest until all of the applicable conditions are satisfied. In addition, the Profits Interests are subject to certain forfeiture conditions. See Note 14, Stock-Based Compensation, for further detail regarding the Profits Interests.

Registration Rights

The holders of the Founder Shares and Private Placement Warrants are entitled to registration rights to require the Company to register the resale of any the Founder Shares and the shares underlying the Private Placement Warrants upon exercise pursuant to the Amended and Restated Registration Rights Agreement dated October 20, 2021 (the "RRA"). These holders are also entitled to certain piggyback registration rights. The RRA also includes customary indemnification and confidentiality provisions. The Company will bear the expenses incurred in connection with the filing of any registration statements filed pursuant to the terms of the RRA, including those expenses incurred in connection with the shelf-registration statement on Form S-1 filed on October 27, 2021 and declared effective on November 2, 2021.

Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP
The Company had entered into agreements with its primary pre-Business Combination investor, Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP ("CCP"), which obligated the Company to pay certain expenses in support of any secondary market offerings of its remaining shares owned after the Business Combination. During the three months ended March 31, 2023, $0.6 million of expenses were recorded.