Mirion Technologies Unveils New Fast Neutron Radiation Monitoring Badge

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mirion Technologies Dosimetry Services Division today announced the availability of its Fast Neutron TASL CR39 (allyl diglycol carbonate) dosimeter badge. The badge is ideal for customers who need to accurately measure fast neutron radiation in facilities with neutron generators, cyclotrons or linear accelerators. The badge is energy independent and provides a larger surface area for detailed diagnostics and evaluation purposes. In addition, the TASL CR39 can be worn with a thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD), optimizing neutron evaluation capabilities by assessing the results of the two separate technologies.

Key features include:

    --  Enhanced diagnostic capabilities
    --  Customized dosimeter configuration to meet specific monitoring
    --  Maximum dose increased to 50,000 mrem

"In our commitment to providing cutting edge technology for radiation safety, we are pleased to add this new dosimeter to our current line of monitoring devices," stated Sander Perle, President of Mirion's Dosimetry Services Division. "We have a long history of offering quality radiation monitoring solutions and services that continues to set us apart from the competition."


Mirion Technologies is one of the world leaders in radiation detection, measuring and monitoring. Mirion has 13 facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Mirion Technologies is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area and is a portfolio company of American Capital (NASDAQ:ACAS).

    Source: Mirion Technologies