Mirion Technologies Assists Lockheed Martin with Stringent Testing of the Phoenix Mars Lander


Mirion Technologies Imaging Systems Division announces the sale of imaging equipment to Lockheed Martin to assist with testing NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander. Mirion's IST-Rees branded camera systems were able to fill a unique requirement for testing the Lander in stringent thermal vacuum conditions prior to launch.

The Imaging Systems Division has a long history of working with clients to develop camera systems which maintain optimal performance in a variety of extreme and hazardous environments. Lockheed Martin had such a requirement when they approached Mirion. The company required a camera system for testing the new Phoenix Mars Lander in space-like conditions, to ensure proper operation of the spacecraft's robotic arm and solar arrays, and consulted with Mirion for an appropriate visual system. The system was tested in Lockheed Martin's large thermal vacuum testing chamber that simulates space conditions with temperature swings from 20 degrees C to -80 degrees C and high vacuum conditions.

Working closely with Lockheed Martin, Mirion supplied three IST-Rees C981 sealed cameras able to withstand the environment of the thermal vacuum chamber. Mirion continued to provide technical support during the testing phase. Ken Artner, Mirion's Account Executive said, "The application was unique, but we were able to provide Lockheed Martin with a robust solution that met their delivery times."


Mirion Technologies is one of the world leaders in radiation detection, measuring and monitoring. Mirion has 14 facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Mirion Technologies is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area and is a portfolio company of American Capital (NASDAQ: ACAS).

Source: Mirion Technologies